We offer practical and economical solutions for modifications and upgrades to your GSE.
Our services specialists and engineers have the capability and expertise to design and install modifications and upgrades to your aging and obsolete GSE.
Before establishing a plan for replacing aging and obsolete GSE please contact our experts. They will try to help you to find the optimum solution for every demanding request e.g. security requirements according to IATA and reducing the pollution you emit into the air.
All our modifications and upgrades include:

  • warranty support on all parts and manufacturing
  • updated operation and maintenance manual
  • rigorous testing as new equipment which complies to the standards

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We offer modifications and upgrades like:
Installation of ADPS (Aircraft Damage Prevention System) –

Before you decide to replace ground support equipment (GSE) that doesn't meet IATA safety requirements, we can help you find a solution. We are able to incorporate ADPS (Aircraft Damage Prevention System) to your existing TIPS GSE without major changes which will eliminate the possibility of aircraft being damaged by ground equipment.

The unique TIPS ADPS system prevents potential damage to the aircraft doors, while the passenger stairs are docked on an aircraft. Constant monitoring by the operator is not required due to the automatic lowering system of the platform.

ADPS system on the TIPS belt loader provides optimal safety. You can choose from the basic ADPS system up to the most advanced system with automatic lowering. Due to the modular design of the TIPS products we can offer complete replacement of your fixed boom with the most advanced telescopic boom on your existing equipment.

Modifications on hydraulic systems

If you need to replace original parts of aging and obsolete GSE, our highly experienced engineers, with decades of combined experience, have an intuitive understanding of customers’ needs. With flexible and creative thinking we will provide you with a tailor-made solution that will meet all your requirements.

Modifications on electrical system

We are always trying to find optimal solutions that will help Airports, Ground Handlers, Airlines and all involved parties in aviation to make the switch to GREEN solutions that will bring environmental and health benefits – e.g. through reduced air pollution.

Our goal is to help you to convert the majority of vehicles and mobile equipment that operate airside to be electric-powered, wherever possible, thus reducing maintenance and energy consumption.

We are fully aware of the importance of GREEN equipment and most of our aging GSE has the possibility to be modified into an electrical system. From our perspective, minimizing CO2 emissions and lowering your operational costs will bring you long term benefits at environmental and financial level.

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Modifications to lower your maintenance costs on electrical vehicles

Main disadvantage on the electrical vehicles are the DC brush type electrical motors. We can help you to reduce maintenance costs and achieve better performances by replacing the DC brush type electrical motors with maintenance free asynchronous electromotors.

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Other modifications and upgrades on request

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