The world around us is constantly changing and moving forward. At Tips, we strive towards innovations that increase the efficiency of your equipment, reduce operating costs and facilitate work. Due to the need for continuous development, we also adapt our training to enable you to get the most out of your equipment. Our trained professional staff will make sure that you will become familiar with every smallest detail that you need to know so that your equipment will serve you long and with efficiency. Training increases the safety of manipulation of vehicles and equipment, while the risk of accidents is reduced to a minimum.

Since at Tips we are well aware of the importance of training, we have prepared a program of basic education and professional training of your technical staff for the safe and efficient operation of vehicles and equipment for all customers, who will order a new GSE. For more details, send us your inquiry.

It is a well-known fact that the unprofessional handling of machinery is also the most expensive, so take this possibility to reduce labour costs by providing your staff with our training. It is especially important to provide for a professionally introduction of new staff to the work with GSE. At Tips, we will be happy to help you and offer our professional support also after you purchase your GSE.

Send us your inquiry for the Tips training programme.