Service on the spot

Carry out a technical inspection of your Tips product!

Our strategy of preventive technical inspection is designed to extend the lifetime of your equipment, increase productivity and reduce your daily operating costs. Unlike periodic servicing, which is based on regular intervals, our strategy takes into account the actual state of your equipment when defining what kind of maintenance is optimal and necessary and when it should be carried out. 

Our customer service is always ready to come to the rescue. Anytime, anywhere!

Such approach provides for the best machine performance, which customers can expect from Tips. The fact is that even a minor error could lead to costly delays, if it is not deal with preventively. Monitoring the state of your equipment is crucial for the elimination of errors. To be able to do this, we at Tips have developed a unique system for the identification of errors that simplifies the entire maintenance process, as well as making it faster and cost-efficient. Together with the advice from our experts, it helps to lower the operating costs of equipment and, consequently, saves time and money, which leads to the greater satisfaction of our customers.

When comes the time for our customer to sell his Tips vehicle or equipment, the well-documented maintenance history will certainly increase the resale value of the second-hand GSE.

Order a technical inspection of your equipment here or the original servicing of your Tips GSE here!