To achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, we pay special attention to quality at every step. By obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate, we confirm our commitment to quality and compliance with the highest standards.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Since customer satisfaction is our priority, we always approach our customers individually. Tips selected specialists will kindly make sure that all your wishes and need are fully and provide you with an advice based on our years of experience on how to improve your business.

Tips vehicles will save you time and money due to easier operation, lower number of required operators and individually designed vehicle adapted to your needs and wishes. Our vehicles can be functionally adapted to the vehicles you already operate, which reduces a risk of work-related accidents and increase the safety of key operations at the airport. With careful planning as well as precise and quality execution, we guarantee low total cost of ownership, which is proven with longest warranty among GSE producers.

In case you require our repair service, our friendly and professional staff will respond to your call in the shortest time possible and arrange for the best and the fastest solution to your problem. Our products ensure long and trouble-free operation, since we install only the components of recognized quality brands, such as Saurer Danfoss, Deutz, Intercontrol, Boch Rexroth, Siemens and others.

Leave us all your concerns and we will provide preventive annual inspections, regular maintenance and servicing. In case you need the support of our experts, you can always be sure that they are available. Our telediagnostic system allows for quick and easy identification of errors at a distance, so that the error is corrected in the shortest possible time. Due to their built-in possibility of manual operation in cases of an emergency, our vehicles remain mobile in case of errors, which saves time when moving the vehicle away from an aircraft.

Once you purchase our product, you will want to keep your vehicle in top condition forever. To be able to do so, our experts will be happy to provide assistance since we will response in less than 24 hours. Our unique support network of business partners allows us to meet a demand for spare parts as soon as possible.