Patented solutions for safety, lower costs of use and maintenance, lower energy consumption.
We believe that the best way to showcase the way we work and our commitment to your needs are the patents we’ve obtained recently.


Parking brake release mechanism in tow

This patented system allows the parking brake’s release following a pull or push by a towing vehicle. It eliminates the possibility of human error and also some other deficiencies of the previous simpler system: possible damage to the brake, cargo or equipment and injuries to people due to an uncontrolled displacement, and also the overuse or disproportionate wear of the brake pads and tyres. We have naturally kept all the present strong points: a negative brake, standard application of the tow bar, elevated position and handling with the tow bar.

Platform height adjustment mechanism

This patented mechanism has several solutions for an absolutely parallel lifting of the platform – resulting in a weight distribution within foreseen limits that prevents bending or other construction damage that may lead to the stairs‘ inoperability. The removal of hydraulic components in the height change function guarantees the system’s higher reliability. The hydraulics have been kept on the closed system for the counterbalance needed to reduce the forces for lifting and lowering the platform, which in return permits downsizing to a smaller electric motor and thus cuts energy consumption.

A parallelogram staircase with a walking surface inclination system for range increase

The standard EN 12312-1 allows for a +/- 3° step inclination from a horizontal level. Our patented solution led to a more than 30% range increase in a 17-stairs model: 2.4-3.8m instead of 2.4-3.5m. This increased range makes it possible to service all the variants of a Boeing 737 (door sill height 2.46–2.79m) and all variants of an Airbus 318-319-320-321 (door sill height 3.43–3.73m) with the same stairs.

Platform for transporting people with reduced mobility

The transporter for people with reduced mobility, mounted on telescopic passenger stairs, allows transfers from the airport platform to the aircraft (and back) for passengers on either their own wheelchairs or transporter’s own seating facility. The platform lift follows the staircase through its entire length so that it stays all the time at the same distance from the walking path. When it reaches the platform’s height, the wheelchair is simply pushed on / pulled off the transporter. It has a foldable base and security railing, which permits storage on the platform when the device is not in use. This position also enables unrestricted use of the stairs by other passengers. It is powered electrically and moves gently, ensuring that passengers feel secure and relaxed. Safety features are integrated.