What Makes our Tow Tractor so unique?

Cost-Efficient | Easy to Operate 
Environment-Friendly |  Easy to Maintain |  Highly Reliable

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Our modern electric tow tractor is small but a real performance giant. With a towing capacity of up to 8.600kg and a turning circle of merely 8.5m, it can easily be used inside, outside, on roads, and off-road, for industrial purposes as well as for airport services.

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  • Built with driver comfort and safety in mind

  • Strong power and energy saving (operational 12 h with one battery without recharging)

  • Excellent vision out of the cabin

  • Three independent braking systems

  • Equipped with an inching switch for forwarding and backward moves. 

  • With spring-mounted seat which enhances driver comfort 

Configure your own Tow Tractor according to your designed colour, logo, and position.

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