Meet our new electric TANK1215Lf

Electrical, Convenient, Economical, Safe


The self-propelled vehicle is designed for highly efficient handling and service of aircraft lavatorieson narrow and wide-body aircraft.

The modular concept of the vehicle with a wide variety of options enables the product to be configured according to the customer’s requirements.

The electrical vehicle isdesigned by Tips is in accordance with the latest technical standards for maximal efficiency and safety.

Main benefits:

- Reduction of maintenance costs and costs per operation
It is fully electric-powered.

- Automatisation and simplification of daily work
An automatic stop of the tank filling system will simplify your daily work and prevent you from making mistakes while dosing the amount of water and disinfection.

- Safety
It is manufactured in conformity with IATA AHM, EN 1915 standards, and EN 12312-13.

Optimal visibility
The driver's position is on the left side in front of the front axle. This allows the driver a clear, unobstructed view of both driving and docking areas.

Modular concept of the vehicle gives you the possibility lavatory service vehicle tailored to your particular requirements.

- Easy to operate
High functionality and fast operation of the unit.

- Environmentally friendly
Electric-powered operation with zero-emission and no small particle pollution is possible.

- Additional technical elements for safe operation

Two separate systems reduce the possibility of errors in dosing water into the vehicle as well as when dosing water into the aircraft.

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