Electro mechanical designing

Our activities include project/machine designs, technological and technical solutions, CAD construction, electrical design, preparation of project documentation and assembly of machines and devices.


Laser cutting

Cutting sheet plates in the dimensions of 1500 × 3000mm from different types of metals and in different thicknesses with a modern and powerful 6Kw TRUMPF CO2 laser, we use the latest CAD-CAM software packages TRUTOPS Boost for machine programming.

We offer cutting of sheet metal in the following thicknesses:
IRON: up to 25mm
ALUMINIUM: up to 15mm


Bending and cutting sheet metal

Machine specifications:
CNC bending 160 tons/3000mm
Bending machines are used for sheet metal bending services and ensure exceptional accuracy of bends.



Quality and robust manufacturing, modern software, and a wide range of different tools are the characteristics of the TRUMPF punching machine with a worktable in the dimensions of 1250 × 2500mm, which allows us to quickly and qualitatively punch or reshape the most demanding shapes in the thicknesses of up to 6mm.



We weld steel, stainless steel and aluminium products with MAG/MIG and TIG technologies. With the help of welding tables, dedicated stencils and welding devices, we position and weld sheet metal parts or products from profiles and pipes to the most demanding shapes. By grinding, vibrating and polishing after welding, the products are processed to the final appearance or prepared for all types of surface protection.


Surface protection

Powder coating
Wet varnishing
Hot dip galvanizing



Electrical (cabinets, installation of electrical elements)
Mechanical (assembly of various special vehicles or other semi-finished products and products)

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