As one of the world’s leading provider of top end GSE, Tips is constantly looking for new ways to improve its products and services in order to better serve our customers and be a better corporate citizen of the world.

Our efforts are currently above all concentrated into lowering our products’ carbon footprint and we focus primarily on the power source: Tips products are increasingly powered by electricity, the most recent ones even self-sustained by solar cells mounted on the passenger stairs’ frame.

We are also replacing hydraulic systems with electric ones, wherever possible, thus reduc-ing maintenance and energy consumption. Transition to electricity may worry some airports without state-of-the-art electric charging stations, but as early as a decade ago Tips has introduced (on all units) an electric on-board charger that can be used at any socket type.

Conversion to electric power means lower costs and lower carbon footprint that benefit both our customers and the future generations.

Tips engineers also work hard on perfecting digital commands, based on sensors, and displayed on screens with ever increasing accuracy.

All these prevent physical contact of all Tips brand GSE units with aircraft they are serving. Another tool in development at Tips is an integrated log of unit’s physical contacts with the aircraft which could be useful in the future when airports may need a proof that their GSE had not been in physical touch with an airplane from composite materials on which damage will have been noticed.

We at Tips are looking into ways to enhance the passengers’ experience of a special welcome, either in coming on board or in taking the very last steps towards their desired destination.